May 29, 2017

Three Days in the Country

Full of familiar faces Three Days in the Country teems with talented actors. The strong acting of lead Bronwyn Turei dominates the piece as much as her character dominates the household. If you've ever seen her in Go Girls you'll have trouble believing she's the same woman. Natalya is a complex character, easy to get wrong. But from her tiniest facial expression to her screaming collapse Bronwyn is exquisite.

The set design is a little weird but the costuming is to die for. The structure must make them uncomfortable but the actors move as though they were modern clothing, the layers would be very inconvenient in the scripted summer.

The storyline is hilarious and tragic. Everyone is in love but all of it is unrequited. Everyone is chasing each other across the property. Everyone is walking in on everyone else and getting the wrong idea.

It has a great life lesson that I wish I'd known when I was younger:

"Never love or be loved and you'll be fine."

Performances: 27 May - 24 June (times vary)
Tickets: $52

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