May 23, 2017

Olive Copperbottom

Dickens can be a little dreary but despite the source material Penny Ashton has created an excellent comedy with Olive Copperbottom. It's more polished and professional than you tend to expect with a one person show; it's, well, just what you'd expect from a professional show. If this were Vegas Penny could have her own running show, she's that good (she's wasted in New Zealand).

Not only did she write the thing, she plays more characters than I could count, each easily distinguishable from the next and she sings. Oh, does she sing. It's worth seeing just for the singing. The music is all recognisable tunes, but none I could name. There are several things I'd say it's worth seeing it for; the jokes (see below), the singing (as mentioned), her breasts (I spent the first half hour worrying they were going to fall out of her dress, which I believe was the intention), her motorboating a member of the audience (or is it being motorboated?) and then her giving another audience member what amounted to a very brief lap dance. All in a hideous, yet still somehow fabulous, three floral print dress with corset.

Top to bottom (and there is a little talk about bottoms...front bottoms...penises, there I said it, there are penis jokes) it's a great show and though I didn't find it offensive it might not be one to take your grandmother to. No prior knowledge of Dickens is necessary to truly enjoy...shame she didn't make a dick joke about him. I mean, it's right there.

It's on till the 27th of May so get your ticket now.

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