September 27, 2012

Weight Loss: exercise, inspiration and unpronounceable words

I made good use of the beautiful weather last weekend by going for several walks. I have also kept up the two walks I have each week with friends. I am continuing with my pole dancing. I don’t feel like I am making much progress but my teacher is really supportive. There was a piece about one of her students recently in the Hutt News*. Seeing the male ballet dancer on Sunday’s New Zealand’s Got Talent inspired me. He suffered from childhood obesity. He trained for only four years to get where he was. Maybe I can get there too.

I’m still on a break from Jenny Craig. It has been making me think that I need to look at the root cause of my weight problems because I haven’t addressed those and they may be why I haven't been losing weight. I have some tough decisions to make because I’m not in a financial position to afford to do both.

This week I purchased clothing a size bigger than what I have been wearing. Like so many overweight people I have been squeezing into clothes that are too small and fooling myself. It was an awful wake up call and produced disgust at myself, my body. If I do put Jenny Craig on hold for longer I worry I will feel that I'm not doing anything to lose weight.

On the recommendation of a friend I visited an anthroposophical nurse which is a bit of a mouthful. She was so friendly that I felt at ease even though I had no idea what it was about. We did a full medical history and managed to link all of my problems to my liver. My treatment was a ginger patch, a compress on my back, while I was cocooned in blankets for three quarters of an hour. I'm as sceptical as the next person about these sort of things but the patch burned. It didn't hurt but it felt like it was burning, seeping warmth into my body. Afterwards the area wasn't even warm to the touch. There are three more treatments, I am interested to see how they will progress. And my only homework was to ingest something something bitter; I now have lemon in my water. That is the sort of homework that I can handle.

Next time I hope to have some clarity about what I'm doing next and I will review a book called The Journey which I have read in preparation for a retreat I am taking once I've saved up enough.

So, keep reading and you'll be seeing less of me next time.

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley PhotographyJenny CraigKiwi Pole Fitness
* Page 65

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