September 12, 2012

Weight Loss: lots of updates

Jenny Craig
I have continued to have health problems. I am taking another break from Jenny Craig while I finish a round of medication which I hope will fix some of my health concerns. I am trying to keep up healthy eating and exercise in the absence of the Jenny Craig eating plan.

My consultant has been very supportive. She mentioned that some clients have problems with the preservatives in the dried food so we removed them from the equation. When I am back on the programme I will be planning my own menus.

As everyone knows, exercise is an important part of weight loss and general health. It is something I detest so I struggle to motivate myself in this area. I am very lucky that two of my friends have offered to walk with me each week. So I get half an hours exercise along with socialising twice a week. Their support is important to keep moving.

I have started pole dancing lessons once a week at Kiwi Pole Fitness in Lower Hutt, the only pole dancing studio I know of outside of the city. The class is a mixed beginners which means that some girls are able to climb the pole while others get dizzy from spinning. I'm not a fan of the d├ęcor or lighting but some students appreciate not having to see themselves in glaring lights, I can't argue with that. I enjoy watching the more advanced students and the instructor perform moves though I find it difficult to believe that I will one day be able to them as well.

Here is my updated photo. I don't think it looks any different from my previous photo which isn't surprising considering the progress I have (or haven't) made.

All in all a lot has happened but I feel frustratingly like I am still in the same place.

Keep reading and you'll see less of me next time.

Special thanks to: Ian Tilley Photography, Jenny Craig, Kiwi Pole Fitness


  1. keep at it! It's great you've started pole, and even if you don't find much difference in your physique, you will in your strength and arms - I know that's true for me! My guns are impressive ;)

  2. As someone who is also on the Jenny Craig program I have found that as long as I make healthy choices i.e. a chicken wrap and veggies as opposed to cheeseburger and fries, I still seem to have the same results I would have if I'd have stuck with the Jenny plan all week.
    However if I don't exercise for a week I lose nothing or even gain :(
    I wish you well on your journey.

    1. So you find that you have the same results eating sensibly off plan as you do on plan?
      It was good to read that you were struggling like I am - not losing even though you are eating on plan. It appears that the plan doesn't work as easily as we all think it should.