February 19, 2013

Fringe: 27

Daddy O's is a fantastic venue, and suited the vibe of the gig perfectly. It had a great energy and the bar was full for the performance. Unfortunately I can not say the same for the service. We waited 20 minutes to be served a simple can of Coke and they didn't have the wine I ordered even though it was on the menu.

Once the performance started, within a few minutes it was clear that the vocalist had a fantastic voice. Not only was her stage presence captivating, but each unique song rendition was powerfully performed, leaving the audience impressed with her ability. Before each song, Karen read a background history or quotes about the artist she was about to cover. This was often knowledgeable, interesting and powerful. But some of the quotes seemed odd, out of place and unnecessary, confusing the message she was attempting to convey.

Although Karen looked fantastic and clearly made an effort to look the part, the rest of the band were casually dressed and often seemed disinterested, contradicting her energy. There was only a handful of songs that the band connected with. This made Karen look less like the lead, and more like the only permanent band member.

I was impressed with was the unique twist and remastering of each song. The band created a full reconstruction in a timeless way, bringing back a haze of a memory , but leaving you to enjoy the new life they managed to create. I would gladly listen to these remakes time and time again, although there were a few songs of which seemed clumsily arranged towards the middle.

Karen had a strong energy, power and passion in her performance, and was an absolute pleasure to listen to. She suited the genre of music and it was clear she was in her element on stage. The show was darker than I expected, with a sad note on the life of the musicians. Rather than a celebration of them, it was a tribute.

Overall, I believe the performance was cleverly arranged, keeping the audience interested with ease. Karen was a natural on stage, but although the other band members were talented musicians, I would have liked  them in an outfit like the lead, and to have shown more energy throughout the performance.

Karen and her Fellow Sinners, Daddy O's, 8pm, Sunday 17th Feb

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  1. It might be a good idea for you to proof read your reviews before publishing them