February 21, 2013

Fringe: Home

The full title of this play is Home: The hilarious comedy about how I nearly killed myself. A play about how I nearly died but didn't then learned a lot about life afterward. Which is a bit of a mouthful and as the actress said gives it all away.

Home is deeply personal story based on the life of writer and actress Freya Desmarais. She held a receiving line as friends and family entered the theatre. Her strength in allowing those closest to her to see the hardest time in her life is astounding. To borrow from Killing Me Softly (which will always be the Fugees version in my head) there she was, this young girl, stranger to my eyes, acting my life with her words. Her portrayal of living through a period of mental illness was spot on.

I recommend this show to anyone who has ever gone through a breakup, had a shit day, thought life was over, has or knows anyone who has mental illness. When you consider the high rates of mental illness in this country I think that encompasses most of New Zealand.

Hilarious and painful this is a show everyone should see. Forget the best of The Fringe this might just be the best piece of theatre I've ever seen. If there is any justice in the world (or recognition for true talent) I'll be able to say I saw Freya perform back when.

Venue: BATS theatre
Performances: 20-23 February, 9.30pm (bonus! she'll be at the Auckland Fringe 4-6 March)
Tickets: $16

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