February 21, 2013

Fringe: Jealousy and Greed - The Story of Alistair Macbeth

A few thoughts on 45 minutes of experimentation.

The Fringe is time for amateurs and for those raw on the stage to test the waters of the stage and their own talents for this medium.

Jealousy and Greed had promise in its content, a watered down version of Macbeth. It may have stepped up to a higher grade of entertainment if the characters had been introduced with a little more depth at the outset and if the actors and timing of their appearances had been better managed. Quieter shoes on stage and actors off stage may have meant a more engaged audience

Most of these actors appeared to be happy to give us their lines but forgot about the body language necessary to impart their story. It was unfortunate that a lot of the lines were quiet or rushed. Good luck to them in the future and maybe this was a good place to start but there is plenty of hard work ahead if they are to continue.

Venue:Whitireia Theatre, Vivian Street
Shows: 20-23 February, 8pm
Tickets: $20

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