February 17, 2013

Fringe: Trubie and Abby Are Just a Bit Worried

Truby and Abby were a high energy duo, who managed to keep a crowd of 30-40 people in the audience entertained and engaged throughout the evening. They had a loose script prepared, interacting with the audience throughout to give a personal spin off of relating to the crowd. They did a great job of making the entire audience feel involved in all of the story segways, approaching approx. 6-8 audience members over the evening.

The duo interacted well, their energy bounced against one another making them a great team. Trubie was a fantastic host and entertainer, but when acting and role playing was involved Abby was on top form, creating a strong dynamic.

There were no props or microphones, yet this certainly did not affect their performance. They did a fantastic job of including the audience in the show without intimidating them. This is often hard to do without creating a negative heckling effect which would reduce the amount of audience members wanting to be involved.

I found that occasionally the skits dragged out a bit too long, and my mind began to wander as they went off on odd tangents, but they were able to re-engage me once new segments were introduced. To sum up the couple on stage I would say the performance was a cute, fun, quirky show with a lot of laughs and although an amature performance, I would be more than happy to see them perform again in the future.

Meow, 7pm, Saturday 16th Feb

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