March 11, 2013

Fringe: Gobsmacked

Gobsmacked - a cabaret comedy about showbiz and dating from Melbourne duo Nikki Aitken and Jamie Burgess was absolutely fantastic last night at Meow. A delightful and often true (though we ladies may not want to admit that out loud) view into the world of a single life - the crowd was always engaged and the wit, innuendo and entendre within the show was brilliant.

The story line - though I found confusing with the double characters at times - was good but could have been refined to make clearer who was who and why. But it didn't stop me really enjoying myself. I didn't know what to expect of the show, I was delightfully pleased and often in fits of laughter amongst the rest of the audience. Jamie was the background star of the show with his alternative versions of If You're Happy and having us all sing along to 80's classics. There was always interaction with the crowd and we loved it.

If you missed it Saturday night - sorry that was the last Wellington show, but they are hitting Dunedin. Definitely worth seeing!

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