March 22, 2013

Weight loss: a month of disappointments

The dancing weight loss programme I was so enthusiastic about (though secretly dreading the late nights) in my last post has been cancelled. This has been a real disappointment. I’m told that it may be resurrected should enough people show interest but I’m not holding my breath. This, along with the influx of reviews for the Fringe Festival, has been why you haven’t heard from me in a while.

It’s been a month of disappointments. The scale has resisted any efforts to move it in descending direction. My dietician has taken another job and will not be replaced.

However, I can share one last bit of wisdom from my dietician; how to read food labels. The formula to check that food is healthy to eat is 10-10-6-450.

Check the nutritional panel and read the figures for per 100gms. Ideally it will have:
10 – less than 10gms of fat
10 - less than 10gms of sugar
6 – more than 6gms of fibre (labels are not legally required to illustrate fibre content so this may be lacking)
450 – less than 450mgs (micrograms) of sodium

It’s as simple as that!

Go read some labels and let me know what you discover.

Keep reading and you’ll see less of me next time.

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