March 21, 2013

Mexican Fusion

I am so glad that a friend warned me how bad Mexican Fusion was so that instead of being frustrated I could really enjoy how truly terrible the experience was. Am I a masochist? possibly.

The hours say it is open all afternoon into the evening but when we turned up at 5 the waitress said they weren't open nor did they have any tables free. Eventually we were allowed to sit at an empty table in the still empty restaurant..

The 'restaurant' is more of a cafe in appearance but the prices are of something much more upmarket. The food was not only expensive but also bland. The corn chips were authentic but would have been much better had they been warm. The mains were tiny and not at all filling. The desserts were similarly bland and the chocolate cake was even burnt!

On a positive note the waitress was nice (apart from the altercation when we arrived), and authentic (as was the chef). However at one point the waitress went outside, I thought to talk to a couple who were looking at the menu in the window but, no, she completely ignored them - to clear the table that had a coffee cup sitting there since before we arrived over an hour earlier.

I am frankly surprised that Mexican Fusion is still in business when the only thing to recommend them is the authenticity of their staff.

Mexican Fusion, 99 Molesworth Street

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