March 4, 2013

Carousel Cabaret March 2013

Much like its performers, Carousel Cabaret's March Revue was a well put together event, successfully titillating with a mix of classic tease and carnivale-esque humour at the San Francisco Bathhouse this Saturday.

This month's lineup, which included Siren Sweetsong, Little Miss Broadway, Bob Bon Rocher, MisRed, Lily Loca and Tiger Moon drew a sizable crowd of both regulars and newcomers, which is no doubt a testament to the steady popularity of Burlesque in Wellington and the professionalism of Venus Starr, the show's producer. However, I found I was lucky to find an available chair sideline to the stage, as the Bathhouse's seating capacity appeared to be pushed to its limits. Tip: reserving seats is essential if you want the full stage view for complete ogling pleasure.

Once the crowd was suitably warmed up by surprisingly funny MC, Siren Sweetsong was the perfect  opening act and truly set the bar high with her bawdy DeadWood/Madame-esque piece. Not only can that girl sing, she can tease too. Little Miss Broadway followed and mesmerised the audience with her seductive rendition of Habanera. My date was especially impressed with what he called her "multitasking" and elegance. Tiger Moon was perfectly cheeky as she emerged from her travelling trunk to Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, and her classic tease kept the flow, and the interest of the audience to the final act of first half; a mash up of shout outs to Pin Ups past performed by Lilly Loca, who was the best at engaging the audience in spite of what seemed to be an awkward moment with her corset mid way through. Her fan work in the latter half also deserves mention.

The second half flew by with highlights including the delightfully and disturbingly adorable Bon Bob Rocher as a living doll, and my date's ultimate favourite; the fantastical MisRed and her candy eating Marie Antoinette. The whipped cream hidden in her wig was as surprising as it was coordinated. MisRed was successful in balancing both a sense of humour and hinting at a naughty fetish, which is what I have always found so appealing about burlesque.

Unquestionably, the most memorable act of the evening was by 'newcomer' Lil' Bro (alter ego of Little Miss Broadway). Her energetic portrayal as an angry teen complete with hoodie, over sized pants and cap completely wowed the audience with her sense of fun and Rap meets Lolita styles.

All in all the Bathhouse seems to have accommodated the needs of Carousel Cabaret and its audience. The stage was suitably glittered and suggestively lit, and the stage kittens were organised and easy on the eye. The MC was quick on his feet and engaged the audience without being too painful. I felt the evening was set at an enjoyable pace, although it was over too quickly- I'd like a third act for my hard earned cash. Overall a successful production; by the end of the night, my reluctant date was brimming with enthusiasm and grand plans for his own future act. Good job girls!

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