April 8, 2013

A Week of Glitz and Glamour at Wellington Fashion Week - Opening Night

Welcome to the first installment of my Fashion Column on behalf of Wellington Reviews. What a fabulous privilege to have been asked to write a regular monthly column! I hope you enjoy reading my opinions and reviews as much as I enjoy writing them.

I am a Fashion Designer by trade, with my own Bridal and Custom Made Clothing business. Zowie Dee Custom Made Clothing is now in its sixth year of operation and continues to grow as word spreads. I worked under a range of fashion designers and tailors whilst completing a five year double degree in Fashion and Textiles, then a business degree focusing on the fashion industry before launching my business. Immersing myself in fashion is all I have focused on. I hope that my knowledge of tailoring, pattern making skills and experience from my own fashion label will allow me to appreciate the skill, dedication, creativity and natural flair I review on other designers work for this column.

Thanks to a wide range of sponsors, Wellington Fashion Week went off with a bang this year in a fabulous new location at the Waterfront. The grand marque outside Mac's Breweries was a hub of creative activity. With spotlights shining up into the night sky demanding to be noticed, inside was just as impressive. A bar, stage, media room, full length runway and even a coffee bar, I knew I was set for a fun filled week!

Wellington Fashion Week allows designers a stepping stone towards their marketing campaign and PR exposure for their growing labels. WFW is in its first few years of production, the smaller scale making it more financially feasible for smaller labels to take part. Whether it be in a group showcase or an off sight solo event, this is a great opportunity for the designers to sharpen their PR skills under the wing of the WFW specialists. This is a smaller scale version (much smaller) of New Zealand Fashion Week, giving  small designers the opportunity to meet industry professionals whilst raising their profile. WFW is an open event to the general public too, unlike New Zealand Fashion Week, which is solely focused on VIP media tickets, allowing the press to dictate our view on the show. WFW have made it possible for anyone to have the opportunity to purchase tickets to see their favorite designer showcases, making it accessible for all. It is a great excuse for a fabulous evening out with the girls!

I have thought for some time that we need a Fashion Week in Wellington. Not only are we the 'Creative Capital', but with both Massey University and Fashion Tech here in the central city, we have an ever increasing number of fashion graduates adding to our diverse Wellington streets on an annual bases (me being one of them!). It is great that we have a presence in the fashion world and a platform for new boutique designers to gain some PR which is crucial in the industry.

The event launched with a glamorous and star studded line up; the Mayor made a guest appearance and said an opening speech, a live singer graced us with her soulful voice. The venue was polished and sophisticated bringing in a full crowd of designers and store owners looking to snap up the latest trends; from Wellington's new labels to some of our larger labels looking to be part of the buzz. The designers I spoke to at the opening party were energetic and exited about what opportunities may arise from the PR experience. Good luck to them all!

Although there are still a few teething problems (as to be expected with the launch of any new event on such a grand scale) I hope that as Wellington Fashion Week matures and develops over the next few years, the scale of the event grows and blossoms.

This is the first in a series of blogs I will be posting over the next few days on the shows I attended, with a few tips as to what to expect in the new wave of trends heading our way for both Winter 2013 and Spring/Summer 2013-14. The new trends are wearable, flattering and focus on a beautiful soft earthy toned colour palette, suiting most complexions. There are a few stronger pops of colour for the more adventurous heading our way too, with a focus on bright reds, blues and purples. Over all, I'm sure there will be a little something for you all.

A big thanks to the organizers of Wellington Fashion Week and the designers for giving Wellington Reviews the opportunity to share this experience with you.

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