April 11, 2013

Bert and Maisy

Last night we attended the opening night of Hutt Repertory’s performance of the Robert Lord’s play Bert & Maisy as a play set in the living room of the home of Bert & Maisy in small town New Zealand in the 1960’s.

As someone in our mid 60’s, the set, the cast and the goings on certainly reminded us of things as we remember them!

Without giving too much away, the plot features Bert, a retired gentleman, living in his father’s house with his wife Maisy who both pine for their son who has left town.
So whilst Maisy was working in the local pharmacy, Bert was in the habit of meeting the 3.05 pm train in case their long lost son should turn up. A young man, Tom, then came into their lives and changes occurred in an era when change was not common.

Accepting that it was opening night, the delivery was strong and not too many lines were missed.  Maisy truly represented the woman of the house at that time, while the other characters also fitted the type and attitude of the early 60s.

Overall, a memorable night of a performance not only enjoyed by the reviewers, but most of the audience, the bulk of whom were in our age bracket and could see their own parents and homes back in the 60’s.

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