April 26, 2013

Zanna, Don't!

Zanna, Don't! (think the opposite of Xanadu) has been described as the gayest musical ever and begs the question "if musical theatre doesn't address the important political issues then who will?"

In an alternate universe where being homosexual is the norm everything is fabulous and you can never wear too many sequins...or so it seems. Zanna is a love fairy who creates instalove (that which has taken so much flack recently in the light of things like the Twilight series) in  Heartsville High. The students decide to stage a controversial play about heterosexuals in the military (in this 'verse "don't ask, don't tell" is still relevant) with completely unexpected results.

The actors managed to look young enough to pull off being high school students. Their musical talent outstripped the quality of the music offered, although there were some impressive displays of counterpoint. They bought it in every song, on every note, despite some sound issues. LeRoi Kippen though not one of the main actors stood out the most for me; he throws himself into every role he is given.The brightly coloured costumes and scenery will make your teeth ache - it is a shame that the scene changes weren't as smooth as they could have been.

I would like to know; who was responsible for the choreography? It added to the entertainment value and was complex while managing to look simple.

With the recent passing of the Marriage Equality Bill Speakeasy Productions has staged this musical at the perfect time. Is equality important to you? are sequins? do you like musicals? dancing? hilarity? This show deserves to be sold out so get your tickets quick.

Performances: 25-27 April, 30 April-4 May 7.30-9.30pm
Tickets: $25 (you can get them here)
Venue: Gryphon Theatre
Check out Speakeasy Productions on their website

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